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Unlocking the dark proteome for high-resolution immunotherapies

To help realize a new world of targeted therapeutics

Our Why

Since our founding, we have worked to lead the industry in the discovery and validation of novel proteins displayed on cancer cells. Our efforts to establish and perfect the infrastructure necessary to accelerate the discovery and early development of antibodies that specifically target this “dark proteome” have attracted a world-class team of notable innovators, executives, and scientists including Corey Dambacher, Imad Ajjawi, Alex Jaeger, Ashley Woodfin and Kerry Wilson

Believing that we can create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients is what drives our mission. We seek to bring the light of hope to individuals who carry illnesses that can feel hopeless.

All great discoveries start in a knowledgeable mind, but often the most impactful ones take many hands to lift. Connect with our team to find out how you can play a vital role in the future of targeted therapeutics.

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